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With our deep connection with healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers, we provide support with measures to maximize the value of medical devices through years of experience conducting medical device research and high quality research techniques.

Rapid advances in medical equipment and devices have led to remarkable improvements in the quality of life (QOL) of healthcare consumers. Along with advances in robotics and 3D printing, and as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are incorporated into medical devices, the technologies of disease prevention, detection, and treatment are expected to achieve even higher levels. We maintain a strategic partnership with Junicon in the US and Europe as well as overseas bases in Asia in order to flexibly respond to overseas surveys.

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In addition to marketing research, we also provide HFE/UE research and evaluation services to support FDA 510(k) and PMA submissions, and IEC62366-1 certification.

Project Flow

To draw out results that meet study objectives and issues, selecting the right research method, asking the right questions, and running the right analysis are all crucial. This is where our expertise comes in. Our experienced research executives are equipped to assist you in all stages, from planning to fieldwork and analysis, always keeping the project on track, striving for quality results using their attuned insight and innovative approaches.


  • Prepare research proposal reflecting the needs of the client.
  • Propose a research plan. Briefing from clients to prepare a research proposal that meets the study objectives and issues.

Develop Questionnaire

  • Prepare questionnaires/discussion guides in line with study objectives and issues.
  • Client confirmation of research material prior to fieldwork start.


  • Data will be collected based on the specified study method.
  • Interviews with medical professionals (i.e. physicians and allied healthcare professionals) and patients handled by our exclusive interviewers specializing in medical/pharmaceutical research.
  • Follow up on progress and quality check on collected information will be conducted to ensure the highest quality possible.

Data Entry, Tabulation

  • Data entry and tabulation.

Analysis, Report Development

  • Experienced analysts will analyze the data. Tabulated data will be studied closely by our experienced analysts.
  • Analysts will be responsible for documenting findings and their views, together with recommendations for your marketing strategies.


  • Presentation of results.

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