serviceEvaluation of Promotional Activities (Impact Track/SOC/Rep-i)

Confirm the “promotion status,” “promotional/non-promotional impacts,” and “MR evaluation” to lead to drug prescriptions

Multi-client Solution Service

Category Samples Time of investigation Investigation details
DTL status
(Impact Track)
Approximately 4,000 doctors Daily • Understanding the number of details by promotion channel for each product
DTL messages
(Impact Track)
Approximately 4,000 doctors Daily ・Understanding the contents of messages by promotion channel for each product
Approximately 10,000 doctors 4 times a year
(January, April, July, October)
・Measure the effect of multi-channel promotion
MR evaluation
Approximately 15,000 doctors Twice a year
・Understanding the overall MR evaluations/evaluations by items by approximately 300 pharmaceutical companies
・Understanding the elements for improvement by pharmaceutical companies
MR activities Approximately 10,000 doctors Every month ・Understanding the status of MR activities of pharmaceutical companies
MS activities Approximately 10,000 doctors Every month ・Understanding drug wholesaler’s active products

Examples of Use

  • Check the provision of drug information of the company/other companies to physicians “who, how much, what should be communicated”
    • Formulation of training courses for improvement of evaluation of own MRs (who = MRs evaluation)
    • Consider appropriate promotion allocation by product (how much = DTL status)
    • Understand the message that ultimately leads to prescription from the message that was impressive and cognized by physicians
      (What should be communicated = DTL message/multi-channel)
  • Review MR coverage rate and number of activities for target physicians every month.
  • Review the status of MS call activities at each wholesaler.
  • Impact Track



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