serviceEvaluation of Promotional Activities

Understand advertisement effects and its impact on treatment choice

INTAGE Healthcare evaluates the various promotional activities of pharmaceutical companies.

Impact Track

Study Description

Impact Track is a daily detail tracking study, where 4000DRs respond through which channels they received promotions (sales rep, e-marketing, conference), the promotion content (free answer), and whether said promotions influenced their prescription behavior.

Data is released on a weekly basis with weighted estimates for the whole of Japan and may be broken down by DR attribute.


  • Speedy and customizable web data search system (updated weekly)
  • Qualitative and quantitative data
  • Large sample size
  • Cross-analysis of Impact Track with other INTAGE Healthcare multi-client studies

SOC(Share of Channels)

Study Description

In SOC, the influence of different promotion and non-promotion channels is examined through unaided brand recall by DRs. Pharmaceutical companies may understand the effectiveness of each channel’s promotions, along with the importance of patient voice and a DR’s brand experience.


Study Description

Rep-i evaluates the sales force performance of 300 pharmaceutical companies and answers what attributes each sales force needs to improve in order to be valued more highly. Pharmaceutical companies may incorporate this data in their sales force training and education.

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