serviceActual Treatment Status
(Doctor Mindscape / Rx / Therapy Diary)

We investigate the “actual treatment status by disease/treatment effect” and the “number of prescribed patients (new, switch, add-on) by disease, and the reasons for prescribing products”.

Multi-client Solution Service

Category Samples Time of investigation Investigation details
Actual treatment status
(Doctor Mindscape)
Approximately 15,000 doctors Twice a year
Investigate and understand the actual treatment status of each of about 500 diseases and drug efficacies every year
Treatment of intractable diseases Approximately 15,000 doctors Once a year
Investigate and understand the actual treatment status of about 340 designated intractable diseases
New prescription
Approximately 3,800 doctors 4 times a year
(March, June, September, December)
Understanding the new prescription (dynamic market) of each product, including the therapeutic diseases
Reasons for prescribing products
(Therapy Diary)
Approximately 1,000 doctors Daily Understand the reasons for prescribing each product as new, switch, and add-on, including patients’ background information

Examples of Use

Actual treatment status(Doctor Mindscape)

  • Understanding each disease/drug market (e.g. market overview/calculation of expanded estimates at the time of ad hoc survey).
  • Verification and improvement of targeting by target list matching.
  • Corporate evaluation at the time of licensing in/out.

New prescription(Rx)

  • Understanding new prescription share by indication.
  • Analyze the difference between prescribers and non-prescribers and prescribing factors (analysis of data combined with other data sources).

Reasons for prescribing products (Therapy Diary)

  • Develop and review key messages based on the reasons for prescribing products cited by doctors.
  • Verify the duration and degree of impact on prescription brought by changes of promotional strategy.

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