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Fast, easy and inexpensive online surveys among physicians and other HCPs.

Service Description


“Fast, easy and inexpensive”

“TenQuick” is an online questionnaire service for surveys of physicians and other HCPs with up to 15 questions.
We provide a medical survey at a reasonable price.
A professional medical researcher will help you design your questionnaire.

Features & Benefits

  • Our Quick Survey department will put your questions (approximately 10 questions) into the special TenQuick questionnaire format
  • Multiple screening questions can be used (*1)
  • Up to 4 respondent segmentation questions can be used (*2)
  • Data delivered as fast as 4 business days (*4) after questionnaire approval (*3)
  • Deliverables include raw data and cross tabulated data tables by segment (no free answer coding)
  • Physician respondents come from the same Plamed doctor panel used for conventional surveys. Surveys can also be conducted among other HCPs such as nurses and pharmacists.
  • *1 Can set up separate segments for clinical specialties and facility types. Example: “Physicians who see XXX (number) YYY (disease) patients monthly”
  • *2 Facility type and clinical specialty respondent segments
  • *3 Business days starting from the 1st day after the questionnaire is approved (by noon)
  • *4 Raw data deliverable

When to Use TenQuick

  • Check market penetration for a new product (awareness, prescription/usage ratio, percentage of patients treated with the product, product evaluation)
  • Assess a new competitive product’s impact on the market
  • Early stage ad campaign check
  • Evaluate seminars, speeches, company websites
  • Survey on awareness of diseases, drug forms, product names
  • Impressions and influence of DTC ads on physicians and other HCPs
  • Check incidence rate of physicians treating a specific disease
  • Market potential/customer acceptance for products in development
  • Influence of safety information
  • Check MR/sales rep activity content and impressions
  • Check the situation regarding attending medical procedures and impressions
  • Check the content and impressions of maintenance contracts for own company and competitors
  • Check the situation regarding competitor implementation and update timing

Research Process

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* Schedule for a 10 question survey

Standard Fees (10 questions)

Sample size 50s 100s 200s 300s 400s
Number of segments 1 2 2 3 4
Cost ¥400,000 ¥600,000 ¥800,000 ¥1,000,000 ¥1,200,000

*Number of questions calculated based on the effort required to answer

Optional Services

  • Use a client supplied list of target physicians
  • Add basic demographics to data (gender, age, location, number of beds, facility management style, etc.)
  • Set up additional respondent segments
  • Additional cross tabs
  • Graphic chart creation
  • Discounts for tracking surveys
  • Discounts for surveys with no screening questions
  • Discounts for raw data only deliverable

Please Note

  • TenQuick is a format for surveys on medical and health topics only.
  • TenQuick projects are handled directly by Quick Survey department staff.
  • Technical support is only available via e-mail or phone. Thank you for your understanding.
  • TenQuick does not offer proposal, reporting or presentation services.

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