serviceDrugstore OTC Buyer Research

Maker assessment by OTCbuyers of approximately 50 major drugstore chains

Service Description

Based on the frank opinions of drugstore OTC buyers, we provide hints to OTC makers that may lead to the improvement of business activities and the potential for hit products in the future.

Surveys were continuously conducted under the same research design, with the 14th survey conducted in FY2018.
The survey enables an understanding of OTC buyers’ evaluation of makers, as well as trends in awareness.

Research Design

Research Objective
  • To audit makers’ business activities through buyers’ evaluation of makers and sales representatives
  • To obtain buyers’ point of value in activities, their assumptions on the future prospects of the pharmaceutical market, what they see as hit products and why, and to provide hints for makers’ business activities
Research Method
Mail survey (hosting method)
Research Target
Buyers of pharmaceuticals at major drugstores
(Wide-area mass retail stores + regional chains)
Main Contents of Questionnaire
  • Evaluation of makers
  • Evaluation of sales representatives
  • Evaluation of products and promotional activities
  • Future prospects of the OTC market
  • Attributes of respondents, etc.
No. of Questionnaires Sent/Collected FY2018 Results
Sent to 62 companies; response from 53 companies (response rate: 85.5%)
Responses from 19 of the top 30 companies in total sales

* Sales rank based partly on data from drug magazine and partly on estimates by our company.

→High coverage of top sales chains and their opinions
FY2018 Research Period
July 9, 2018 – August 31, 2018
Report Completion and Delivery
Report completed at end-September 2018
Report sent about 2 weeks after order placement

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