serviceData Fusion Analysis Service (Cross Effect)

Create new value through a fusion of customer data and survey data

­­Service Description

By tabulating, analyzing and forecasting based on the combined information of customer owned data and our company’s survey data, you are able to have a deeper level of consideration.


  • Assign the estimated survey data to the doctor list held by the customer using the prediction model with the survey data as an objective variable.
  • Cross tabulation, multivariate analysis, and machine learning that combine customer owned data with survey data
  • Understand the gap by analyzing customer owned data and survey data in parallel

Examples of Use

Creation and review of target lists in promotional activities

Forecast the number of each doctor’s patients by disease, and realize highly accurate doctor targeting.


To set action and KPI for each doctor in multichannel measures

Anticipate the palatability of each doctor’s promotion channel and realize an appropriate approach to doctors.


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