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Investigate “current status of symptoms,” “therapeutic diseases,” and “drugs in use” with about 500,000 healthcare consumers/patients nationwide

Multi-client Solution Service

Category Samples Time of investigation Investigation details
Patient mindscape Approximately 500,000 samples Once a year
・Hearing about 80 symptoms/80 diseases as well as drugs in use
・In addition to attributes such as gender, age, residence, occupation, etc., the 2020 survey investigated EQ-5D-5L/EQVAS score
・Understanding the level of satisfaction with treatment, specification of brand of drug used, dissatisfaction, reason for discontinuation of use, etc., which are not known by RWD, as the patient's voice

Examples of Use

  • Confirm and refer to HRQoL by symptom, disease and drug in use comprehensively, from the viewpoint of medical economics.
  • Discover potential patients by learning the status of hospital visits and patient journeys that were triggered by the symptoms.
  • Prioritization of product improvement points and entry of generic drugs based on dissatisfaction with drugs.

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