INTAGE Healthcare has successfully been delivering services as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) in Japan since 1992.
We are committed to solve our clients’ business issues with our highly integrated marketing research concepts brought by INTAGE and IT functionality that provides real-time business solutions.

Our Approach to Quality Improvement

We give top priority to reliability assurance and deliver products that meet specific level of quality when collecting information and preparing documents for all kinds of applications. We strive to improve quality of our service by thorough compliance with SOPs, saving records and trails, and intensive education and training. We’re also committed to develop awareness about the data and the value of our products.

GxP Quality Policy

Increase customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and expectations and continuously recommending and providing improvement and creativity.

  • Customer needs and expectations go beyond what they tell us. We must rid ourselves of stereotypes and be acutely aware to discover the customer’s true needs and link this understanding to improvement and creativity.
  • Quality is not for us to define by our standards. Quality is defined by satisfying customer needs. We should enhance customer loyalty by continuously making proposals that anticipate their needs.

Services area of CRO

Detailed view of the area

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Experience by Therapeutic Area

(300 projects to date)

Data of Experience by Therapeutic Area

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Central Nervous System 23 Sense Organs 22 Cardiovascular 42
Respiratory Organs 8 Digestive Organs 5 Urogenital/Anal 5
Dermatology 7 Blood/Body Fluids 8 Metabolic Diseases 42
Diabetes 37 Neoplasm 33 Antibiotics 11
Chemotherapeutics 10 Medical Device 12 Others 35
Total: 300

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Our EDC System provides speed,low cost and high quality

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