A wealth of experience in using real world databases
Database surveys by highly professional staff/comprehensive support for database research

You can choose the most appropriate database suitable for your research by taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in sales of real world databases.
We will provide comprehensive support in every process starting from the establishment of research questions to the final product.

Post Production/Release Database Survey

Detailed view of survey flow

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Database Research


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Service Features

Point 1.
One-stop service starting from selection of the most appropriate database
Point 2.
Support from a pharmacoepidemiology advisor 
Point 3.
Comprehensive backup support by respective experts

Main Services and their Features

Database Survey

  • Support for the consideration of an implementation plan (consideration of content in relation to RQ)
  • Accompanying PMDA epidemiology survey consultation
  • Analysis work: Main analysis/additional analysis
  • Data storage service (DB, SAS, result of analysis, etc)
  • Post production/release of database Survey; preparation of a draft implementation plan
  • Medical writing; preparation of survey report (draft)
  • Assist with application for reexamination
  • Self-check

Database Research

  • Establishment of research questions
  • Preparation of a draft research implementation plan
  • Statistics analysis
  • Preparation of research paper


Our EDC System provides speed,low cost and high quality

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