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With the declining birthrate and aging population, social issues including rising medical costs, and growing health consciousness, it is expected that there will be major changes in the way we solve issues related to people’s health. In recent years, meanwhile, advances in technology are expanding the range of applications, including the measurement of various health data and the use of big data in clinical practice.

In addition to real-world data and fact-based data obtained through market research, clinical trials, purchase surveys, etc., various studies and efforts are underway to measure inner states, such as emotions and behaviors, of healthcare consumers (patients and consumers in general). The results of these are evaluated as outcomes to assess what impact they have on society. It is believed that there will be an increasing emphasis going forward on such consumer-centric values.

We will continue to take on new challenges to gain a deeper understanding of consumers and deliver services that are genuinely needed by them, and in order to make this a common goal of the entire healthcare industry.

"Using traditional marketing research, clinical trials, post-marketing surveys, as well as new healthcare consumer awareness/behavior data, how can we contribute to solving the problems of healthcare consumers, healthcare providers, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and healthcare companies?"

In response to the above question, we, the INTAGE Healthcare Group, will strive to provide solutions as the best partner for decision making in healthcare by utilizing highly specialized and experienced human resources and the diverse resources of the INTAGE Group.

We look forward to your continued support.

President and Representative Director
Keita Murai

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