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As Japan confronts a rapidly-aging society, major changes are predicted for the healthcare environment. One example is in the valuation of pharmaceutical products. In addition to the conventional “intrinsic values” of safety and efficacy, “added value” such as convenience for patients and affordability are expected to increase in importance. It is usually possible to ascertain the “intrinsic values” of safety and efficacy by collecting information from the clinical setting. However, “added value” can only be ascertained through a deep understanding of the daily lives of patients. We feel that the “healthcare consumer” perspective (including patients and general consumers) will become increasingly important in the age to come.

At INTAGE Healthcare we combine our deep knowledge of clinical practice with the INTAGE Group’s abundant resources and strength in consumer insights to provide healthcare consumers, providers, manufacturers, and service companies with the information they need to make healthier decisions.

We very much look forward to supporting you.

President and Representative Director
Yoshiya Nishi

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