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Rich experience solving issues that affect your business globally

We conduct global research on overseas market understanding, evaluation of products marketability, new products evaluation and forecast in terms of epidemiology, etc.
Project proposals and research reflecting local healthcare system and research environment.
Our rich research experience is fully utilized.
We provide a less stressful international survey by preparing the questionnaire and result report in Japanese.

Topic Examples

  • Understand current market and needs in target area
  • Evaluate market potential of new products
  • Estimate market size and patient share for new drug launches
  • Understand the evaluation from the viewpoint of medical economics
  • Understand the needs of the existing market through patient (consumer) situation, etc.

Variety of Methodologies

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Multinational research
  • Joint implementation with research project conducted within Japan, etc.

*The optimal survey method varies depending on the target country, survey assignment, budget, etc. Contact us for further details.

Markets Researched

  • North America (USA & Canada)
  • Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain)
  • Asia (China, South Korea, Taiwan & India)
  • Oceania (Australia & New Zealand)
  • Other markets (Eastern Europe & some Latin American countries)

*Please consult us for availability of countries other than above.

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