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From Beginning to End of Post-marketing Surveillance

We offer a wide variety of services that go beyond the framework of existing CRO services. We support your post-marketing surveillance at every stage.

Our service of post-marketing surveillance is more than the conventional CRO services such as patient registration, data management and biostatistics. We are fully equipped to provide support for study planning and reexamination applications in addition to administrative tasks. We respond promptly and precisely to the various PMS issues facing our clients.

Detailed view of the service

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Service Features

Point 1.
Provide support from study planning to reexamination applications and compliance assessment using our expertise and experience in IT
Point 2.
Provide nationwide PMS monitoring and call center support
Point 3.
Support distribution management and handle delivery control and all-patient surveillance

Main Services and Details

Study planning

  • Implementation guidance and protocol drafts preparation
  • CRFs and registration card preparation
  • Study planning consultation

PMS monitoring

  • Conclusion of contracts with sites across the country, CRF collection, query management
  • Progress management

PMS call center

  • Help desk for MRs
  • Help desk for medical institutions

Regulatory affairs

  • Periodic safety reporting drafts, PSUR and DSUR preparation
  • Draft materials for reexamination applications
  • GPSP compliance assessment support

Distribution management support

  • Real-time web system notification to confirm requirements and unlock for delivery
  • Progress management on contract and registration of all-patient surveillance
  • Registration of sites and investigators requirements
  • Delivery notice receipt
  • Help desk via telephone


Our EDC System provides speed,low cost and high quality

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