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Optimization of Operations based on Substantial Job Analysis

Our expert staff, with more than 20 years of experience in supporting CROs, provides high-quality service. Outsourcing will not only save your company administrative costs but also will result in a more efficient, standardized operation of each business process.

Detailed view of BPO Services

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Service Features

Point 1.
Customized service results in cost reduction and streamlined administrative process
Point 2.
Staff management and training provided both on-site and off-site
Point 3.
Our expert and knowledgeable professionals are responsible for your project.

Main Services and Details

Contract preparations

  • Contracts and forms check
  • Signed contracts processing
  • Progress management
  • Survey materials shipping

MR/Branch office progress management

  • Registration (patient registration and telephone contacts)
  • Direct mails (acceptance and shipment of CRFs)
  • Payment management
  • Contract alert system
  • CRFs alert system

On-site CRO Service

  • On-site Data management
  • CRO management


Our EDC System provides speed,low cost and high quality

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