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AI Drug Discovery Platform

The AI drug discovery platform Deep Quartet is a series of processes combining (1) Deep Reinforcement Learning technology, (2) LigandScout, a software that uses pharmacophore models, (3) CzeekS, a machine learning-based technology that enables comprehensive target prediction. and the knowledge of (4) medicinal chemists from pharmaceutical companies, creating a "quartet" of component approaches.

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Some of the techniques can be found in the following papers.

Drug Discovery One-Stop Service

We provide services from drug design via AI drug discovery to actual synthesis. Intage Healthcare's AI drug discovery platform, Deep Quartet, will propose the chemical structures for new compounds, which will then be evaluated and synthesized by the collaborating synthesis company from the perspective of medicinal chemistry. We provide a complete range of services from AI-based new compound design to actual synthesis.

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Drug Discovery One-Stop Service Flow

Utilization of technology through contract projects and joint research

Please contact us if you would like to use Deep Quartet for your R&D projects. The application of Deep Quartet and the implementation plan will be discussed depending on the details of the situation, such as the number of known ligands and activity information, as well as, availability of structural information of the target.

Technology introduction implementation and support services

We will support you in the introduction of the technology with regards to the implementation of Deep Quartet in your internal environment.

  • Deep Quartet technology implementation project (3-6 months)
  • Catching up on the latest technologies related to deep learning
  • Share technical information and provide the latest scripts for a year.


Inquiries about any of the above services can be done through the link below.

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