serviceConsultation related to clinical research

Based on our extensive experience, knowledge and accumulated information from research, we provide support and consultation in various aspects.

  1. Analysis specification review/analysis method proposal
    Proposal of coding in light of database characteristics/features, proposal of use of master, support for statistical analysis, proposal of study design, etc.
  2. Joint research support
    Data curation, statistical analysis, calculation support, etc.
  3. Signal management
    Suggestions for signal management using post-marketing pharmacovigilance spontaneous report data (SRS data*) (database selection, coding in light of database characteristics/features, master utilization, curation, signal detection conditions, etc.)
  4. Contracted system development
    Proposal of system development for pharmacovigilance activities
  5. Data mining workshop
    Provision of training on signal management in data mining in response to customer requests
    <Examples of training contents>
    Introduction of domestic and overseas research cases related to SRS data*, examples of signal utilization, details of signal calculation, introduction of research cases, etc.

*SRS Data: Spontaneous Reporting System Data

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