serviceDrugstore Shoppers Fact Book

A report summarizing the results of surveys conducted on drugstore chain consumers regarding their visit frequency, satisfaction, and demand for such chains.

Service Description

  • Quantitative report covering responses from 20,000 respondents nationwide.
  • Covers major drugstore chains (approximately 50 chains).
  • Enables an understanding of users’ profile, visit frequency, satisfaction, etc. regarding drugstore chains by area.
  • Enables an understanding of a specific drugstore chain’s strong and weak points in comparison to other competing chains.
  • Users’ requests for the stores are obtained through open questions. May provide hints for improvement proposals.

Research Design

Research Objective
  • To report on a summary of the results of surveys conducted on drug store chain consumers regarding their visit frequency, satisfaction, and demand for such chains.
  • To get an understanding of both users’ needs and the strong and weak points of client chains.
  • To enable the use of output for one’s proposal materials and in business negotiations with clients.
Research Method
WEB survey
Research Target
Female individuals aged 20 to 69 years old
Main Contents of Questionnaire
  • Frequently used chain / mainly used chain (screening survey)
  • Actual state of use, evaluation, request for improvement, etc. of said chain
  • Chain loyalty

* Analyses of the above stated contents by area × chain (including competitors) and by target demographic information

No. of Questionnaires Sent/Collected FY2018 Results
Screening survey: roughly 100,000 individuals / Actual survey: roughly 20,000 individuals
→ Actual survey conducted on approximately 50 drugstore chains
FY2018 Research Period
October 5, 2018 (Wed.) – October 22, 2018 (Mon.)
Report Completion and Delivery
Report completed in November 2018
Report sent in about 5 business days after order placement

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