serviceHealth and Lifestyle Survey

Understand people's health confitions, perceptions on health, and usage of OTC drugs

Service Description

Conducted in April every year since 1991, this survey tracks the state of people’s health, their awareness of health, and the use of OTC drugs. The data reveals people’s relation with OTC drugs for more than a decade.

*OTC drugs: commercial drugs purchased over the counter at pharmacies and drug stores.

Research Design

Sample Population
Male and female individuals aged from 16 to 69 yrs old
Sample Size
Roughly 2,000s
Research Area
  • Keihin Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba)
  • Keihanshin Area (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama)
Mail survey
Questionnaire Contents
  • Health condition over the past year
  • Use of nonprescription drugs and health foods over the past year
  • What types of major OTC drugs were taken
  • Use of pharmacies, drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Theme-specific questions for each year
Research Period
Mid to late April
Report Form
Report, Lyche Data
Report Release
Late July

List of topics for Health and Lifestyle Survey

Research Design Survey Year
  • Target Attributes
  • Base Attributes
  • Channels used
  • Smoking Habits
  • Health Awareness
  • Other Health-related Attributes
Annual Survey
Health Conditions Over the Past Year Annual Survey
Use of OTC Drugs/Health Foods Over the Past Year Annual Survey
Use of OTC Drugs Survey Year
Health Drinks (incl. Medicinal and quasi-medicinal) Annual Survey
Gastrointestinal Drugs Annual Survey
Combination Cold Remedies Annual Survey
Antipyretic-Analgesics Every Even Numbered Year
Topical Anti-inflammatory Analgesics Every Odd Numbered Year
Examples of Annual Topics
New Strains of Influenza: Prevention Methods
Changes in Cold Treatment
Amendment of Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
Usage of Topical Anti-Inflammatory Analgesics & Related Products
Mail Order & Online Pharmaceuticals: Purchase Intention/Status, and Reasons for Purchase
Survey on Soft Drink Consumption

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