Offering market access support with a deep understanding of the Japanese market

Ensuring that life-improving treatments reach patients is the ultimate goal of manufacturers and healthcare professionals. However, due to rising healthcare expenditures in Japan, the economic value of new treatments is becoming a bigger part of the rules and policies that determine healthcare access and the cost of care for patients. Manufacturers face the challenge of validating and communicating both the clinical and economic value of new treatments.

INTAGE Healthcare provides a wide range of services to help manufacturers maximize access to their products in Japan.

Service by Product Stage

Preclinical Trial

Current treatment / competitive landscape assessment

  • Summarizing of local treatment guidelines
  • Review of local epidemiology (prevalence / incidence)
  • Examination of local pipeline / development plans
  • Identification of unmet treatment needs
  • Key stakeholder identification

Reimbursement and funding landscape assessment

  • Review of local reimbursement and funding policies
  • Summarizing of past reimbursement decisions

Phase1 Trial

Phase2 Trial

Value evidence strategy planning

  • Identification of key value drivers
  • Optimization of clinical trial design
  • Review of healthcare resource utilization
  • Review of current treatment outcomes / disease burden
  • Modelling of disease progression / survival

Phase3 Trial

Reimbursement / funding strategy development

  • Review of reimbursement landscape
  • Identification of likely reimbursement scenarios
  • Preparation of sales / volumetric forecast
  • Development of value proposition story

Value evidence generation

  • Preparation of a budget impact analysis
  • Preparation of a cost-effectiveness / cost-utility analysis
  • Manuscript preparation

Value communication

  • Preparation of reimbursement submission
  • Support with reimbursement oral presentation
  • Development of physician / patient value communications



Post Launch

Value confirmation

  • Update of cost-effectiveness / cost-utility analysis
  • Optimization of post-marketing surveillance
  • Support with patient-reported outcomes
  • Preparation of evidence generation for reimbursement review (value proposition for re-pricing)

We also offer training / workshops on value evidence generation and communication across all stages of product development

Examples of Methods Used

  • Desktop research
  • Systematic literature reviews / meta-analysis
  • Real-world data (RWD) analysis
  • Disease progression / survival modelling
  • Propensity score matching
  • Focus group interviews
  • Key opinion leader (KOL) interviews
  • Online healthcare professional surveys
  • Online patient surveys
  • Payer proxy interviews
  • Clinical trial design / implementation
  • Post-marketing surveillance studies
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Retrospective chart reviews
  • Medical writing

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