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The needs of medical consumers, and the route to obtain information is changing constantly.
It is becoming essential for managers to plan promotions, make actions and to verify according to such change while also considering the attributes of the product, market and consumers.
INTAGE Healthcare supports strategically important decision making for those who plan by conducting research that contain various combined data solution.

Research Theme by Product Stage

With the intensifying market competition, creating product concepts that highlight the product’s characteristics which meet the market need is the key to success. INTAGE Healthcare will support by proposing a plan that will lead to a solution in various product stage.
By offering vital information, we can support our decision makings such as go-no-go decisions during product development, market entry, and maturity stage in the product life cycle.

Preclinical Trial

Market Understanding

  • Evaluating treatment situation, and methodology
  • Understanding the market structure
  • Understanding market size of potential/existing patients and medical referral process

Phase1 Trial

Phase2 Trial

Understanding the potential of developing product

  • Understanding the usage of developing product
  • Estimating the number of patients that the developing product will be prescribed
  • Understanding the needs of healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, pharmacists
  • Understanding the needs of patients and general consumers

Understanding the treatment field

  • Understanding usage situation of medication

Economical evaluation of medical products

  • Validate patient’s treatment situation and patient flow
  • Market structure simulation and modeling
  • Understanding patient’s action of receiving medical treatment in economic point of view
  • Understanding cost by area of disease(Rx ,OTC)

Phase3 Trial

Decide marketing plan

  • Positioning and concept development
  • Assess competitors
  • Understanding promotion target
  • Research on medicine price
  • Sales forecast


Decide promotion tool

  • Research to design and determine key visual/message
  • Market evaluation and acceptability of promotion tools
  • Planning of optimum message and detailing story for doctors


Post Launch

Post-Launch (1st year to 3rd year)

Product penetration (AAU research)

  • Product penetration in the market (awareness, acceptance, use, etc.)
  • Awareness and acceptability of product concept and message
  • Usage

Customer Satisfaction

  • Promotion Activity Evaluation
  • Manufacturer’s image Evaluation
Post-Launch (from 3rd year)

Planning for Next Step

  • Strategy to increase market share
  • New promotion to deal with subsequent competing products
  • Impact of increased target diseases and drug forms
  • Repositioning

Project flow

To draw out results that meet study objectives and issues, selecting the right research method, asking the right questions, and running the right analysis are all crucial. This is where our expertise comes in. Our experienced research executives are equipped to assist you in all stages, from planning to fieldwork and analysis, always keeping the project on track, striving for quality results using their attuned insight and innovative approaches.


  • Prepare research proposal reflecting the needs of the client.
  • Briefing from clients to prepare a research proposal that meet study objectives and issues.

Develop Questionnaire

  • Prepare questionnaires / discussion guides in line with study objectives and issues.
  • Client confirmation of research material prior to fieldwork start.


  • Data will be collected based on the specified study method.
  • Interviews with physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals handled by our exclusive interviewers specializing in medical / pharmaceutical research.
  • Follow up on progress and quality check on collected information will be conducted to ensure the highest quality possible.

Data entry,tabulation

  • Data entry and tabulation.

Analysis, report development

  • Experienced analysts will analyze the data. Tabulated data will be studied closely by our experienced analysts.
  • Analysts will be responsible for documenting findings and their views, together with recommendations for your marketing strategies.


  • Presentation of results.

Research Methods

Our expertise covers a wide range of techniques’ from conventional methods to the latest survey methods. We propose the best possible technique to fit your needs and the objectives of the study.

  • Face-to-face Interviews (Structured / Semi-Structured)
  • Web Survey
  • Telephone Survey
  • Mail Survey
  • Diary Study
  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews
  • Face-to-face Interviews (In-depth)
  • Focus Group Interviews
  • Detailing Process Assessment

Analytical Methods

Our research teams, specializing in various analytical techniques, present you with accurate and speedy analysis results.

Quantitative Analysis
  • SSWOT analysis
  • GAP analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • PSM analysis
  • BSA analysis etc.
Qualitative Analysis
  • Laddering
  • Mapping
  • Collages etc.
Statistical Methods
  • Multivariate Analysis(Regression, Discriminant, Factor, Quantification theory, Cluster, Correspondence, etc.)
  • Conjoint Analysis(Full profile (CBC, etc.), Pairwise (ACA, etc.))
  • Test(t test, χ2 test, McNemar’s test, Wilcoxon rank sum test, etc.)

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