serviceAdverse Reactions Database Service

Real-world data statistical analysis services via the CzeekV drug adverse event information system and signal dictation system CreekR using the spontaneous adverse event databases JADER and FAERS collected and published by the FDA and PMDA

* Kyoto Constella Technologies will continue to provide it’s services as INTAGE Healthcare.

CzeekV Pro (Drug Adverse Events Information System)


This uses statistical methods in searching for relevance between drugs and adverse events in spontaneously reported adverse reactions database.

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Blog: Drug Adverse Events and Pharmacoepidemiology

We usually post information about CzeekV Pro usage and pharmacoepidemiology. We also collect worldwide research reports about analyses targeting real-world data and post updates every week.

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CzeekR (Signal Detection Support System)


This is a system that can perform simple statistical analysis for signal detection.
In addition to FAERS and JADER databases, it is also possible to use our own drug safety database.


We can also provide FAERS data curated using method deveoped in-house. However, clients can also provide instructions with regard to their desired curation method. Please consult with us regarding your specifications.

Data Analysis Support / Research Collaboration

We offer support for statistical analysis of RWD (real world data) and calculations according to RQ (Research Questions). We also offer data preparation services according to analytical method and consultations regarding data sets and analytical methods.

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