Your clinical trials will be conducted in an accurate and seamless manner through implementation by our highly efficient and professional monitoring activities.

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Service Features

Point 1.
Management of your project by capable project leaders well-versed in GCP.
Point 2.
Incorporation of INTAGE Healthcare’s RBM approach.
Point 3.
High quality service by INTAGE Healthcare’s integral team including Data Management and Biostatistics groups fulfill your NDA application targets.

Main Services with Details

  • Consultation throughout the entire clinical development
  • Management of overall clinical trial projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Selection of clinical trial sites
  • Handling of contracts and requests for clinical trials
  • Collection and shipment of investigational drugs
  • Management of cases and progress of the project
  • Direct access and SDV
  • CRF collection and data cleaning
  • Termination proceedings for clinical trials
  • Process-focused QC activities


Our EDC System provides speed,low cost and high quality

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