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High-quality and efficient PMS patient registration center service based on our extensive experience

We have 20 years of experience in operating PMS registration centers and can ensure a smooth and expeditious registration center and start of survey for our clients. Our diverse survey experience - including large-scale, all-patient-in and delivery control - delivers flexible and efficient operation.


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Service Features

Point 1.
Flexible and high-quality service from our extensive experience
Point 2.
Efficient operational approach to large-scale and all-patient survey from our extensive contract experience
Point 3.
Smooth operation with timely notifications of status of project

Main Services and Details

We prepare the following:

  • Registration card
  • Registration operating procedure (plans)
  • Registration database design and development, entry system
  • Registration card check list (reexamination requirements)
  • Logic check specifications
  • Logic check program
  • Registration card check (logic and manual), reexamination request (queries)
  • Registration operating reports
  • Central and consecutive registration via fax, mail or website (case suitability check)
  • System validation
  • Data entry and corrections, DCF coding
  • Registration card and CRF progress management (via mail, website and web server)
  • Registration card and CRF preprints
  • Registration card and CRF shipping management


Our EDC System provides speed,low cost and high quality

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