news[Former Asklep] Asklep Enters Business Capital Tie-up with Assemblogue, Inc.

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Asklep Inc. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Representative Director and President: Yuichi Yahagi) announced today the formation of a business capital tie-up with Assemblogue, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Shozo Aoi).

The purpose of this tie-up is to integrate Asklep’s experience in the healthcare field with Assemblogue’s Personal Life Repository (PLR) technology to build a platform where personal medical and health data can be personally shared while maintaining assurance of control of the data. We aspire to develop and disseminate the PLR technology to enhance personal health care well as promoting new business and creating value-added services.

*PLR is a form of decentralizeda distributable Personal Data Store (PDS) that features a hybrid cipher system, Digital Rights Management and ontology. Our PDS provides secure management of personal data, control of information disclosure and data portability.

Asklep was one of the first CROs1 that succeeded in the development and operation of an EDC2 system solution, called ADDIN, for post-marketing surveillance. Our up-dated, next generation system, ADDIN EX, has just been released and includes the convenient function to archive and easily retrieve newly designed CRF3 templates for future use. The system is loaded with various other functions required by post-marketing surveillance. The set-up is easier and more efficient than the existing systems and has well-earned being called an “on-site” EDC system. We believe ADDIN EX will make a significant contribution to the standardization of CRFs, improvement in data quality, and computerization of post-marketing surveillance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Assemblogue Inc.

Assemblogue Inc. was established in August 2012. Since its inception, we have been offering a variety of applications and services based on the PDS (Personal Data Store (PDS) system which allows individual users (or other persons who have been entrusted by the individual) to control their own data and make use of them by sharing freely but safely with their family members, friends or service providers.

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