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Asklep Inc. has spun off its clinical development operation and the related businesses to A2 Healthcare Corporation effective June 2nd, 2014.

We are committed to concentrating our management resources in the field of medical intelligence and thus in line with the core value of Asklep of creating and providing highly valuable medical intelligence.

We are the “Medical Intelligence Provider” in Japan.
Striving to be a high value-added intelligence provider

We continue to be the sole entity that creates and offers high value-added medical intelligence,
which enables us to further optimize the Quality of Life for patients and societies around the world.

Newly-appointed Asklep Executive Officers

NameNew RolePrevious Role
Yuichi YahagiPresident;
Director of the Sales & Marketing Division
Representative Director
Masaaki NambaDirector;
Director of the Medical Intelligence Division
Deputy Director of the Medical Intelligence Division
Shinya OhshimaDirector; Special Mission,
Quality Assurance and Medical Writer
Clinical Researcher
Itaru NangoUnchangedPart-time Outside Director;
Executive Director, INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc.
Susumu MatsumotoUnchangedPart-time Outside Director;
Tohru SakamotoUnchangedPart-time Outside Corporate Auditor; Corporate Auditor, INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc.
Tadazumi MatsuuraOperating Officer; Director of the Corporate Planning and Development DivisionCorporate Planning Director, Corporate Planning and Development Division
INTAGE Healthcare Inc.